Kicking Malaria out of Ghana

25th April 2016

Malaria is a significant threat to life throughout Africa where one child dies every 30 seconds as a result of the disease – that’s 3,000 every day. Over a million people are killed by Malaria every year with 90% of these cases found in sub-Saharan Africa.

Alive and Kicking’s Malaria activities are mostly focussed on Ghana, a country where:

  • 20,000 children die every year from Malaria – 55 a day.
  • 3.5 million people contract Malaria every year.
  • Even if a child survives, the consequences from severe malaria such as convulsions or brain dysfunction can hamper long-term development and schooling.

A huge effort to combat the disease has been made in past four years, for example USAID in conjunction with Government of Ghana has delivered over 12 million mosquito nets. The distribution of life-saving equipment is being backed up by a drive to educate communities about how the disease works and how it can be combated.

A thorough understanding of malaria as well as widespread access to mosquito nets, is required to tackle the epidemic – this is where Alive and Kicking step in.

In 2014, we launched our inaugural Ghana Health Project in Accra, and in 2015 expanded the operation to the rest of Ghana, supported by Arsenal in the Community and funded by ICAP


Over a period of two months, coaches visited 55 schools in Accra, 5 in Kumasi and 5 in Cape Coast, educating teachers and children in health educative football drills about how Malaria works, how it can be prevented, and how it can be treated. 

We’re sending another team out this summer, again in association with Arsenal in the Community – so watch this space for further updates!

Interested in donating to our Health Programme? £50 can help to educate 15 young people to protect themselves from Malaria for life!