14th November 2012

Press Release: London, 14th November 2012Alive & Kicking announces high profile support of Manchester City and England International footballer Micah Richards.

Alive & Kicking is a UK based social enterprise that has set up football stitching factories in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana. The factories have created over 120 jobs in areas of high unemployment and have stitched over 400,000 balls, a quarter of which have been donated to children who otherwise would be playing with homemade alternatives.

This week Alive & Kicking announced that they have signed up Micah Richards as their first Ambassador. Whilst the charity has enjoyed the support of some high profile figures from the football world before, Micah’s commitment to the role of Ambassador marks a new stage in the charity’s reach amongst football fans across the world.

“I’m delighted to be an Ambassador for Alive & Kicking,” said Richards of his new position, “I was sent one of their footballs a few years ago so I’ve known about their work since then. It’s a fantastic way to create jobs for those that need them in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana, and provide equipment for people that can’t afford to buy it. I’m looking forward to getting involved and seeing how I can help.”

Alive & Kicking’s CEO, Will Prochaska said: “It’s fantastic to receive the support of such a high profile and well respected figure in English football. I know our football stitchers in Africa are going to be particularly proud to be associated with Micah and I hope that one day they may be able to meet him in person.”

“There couldn’t be a better time for Micah to get involved with Alive & Kicking as we’ve just launched our third factory in Ghana and are promoting our first charitable Christmas gift, called ‘Balls For Africa’, on the shelves of John Lewis.” added Prochaska.

Micah’s first role as Alive & Kicking’s Ambassador is to front the charity’s Christmas appeal which is aiming to raise money to create new jobs in Africa.

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Editors’ notes

Alive & Kicking is an African social enterprise that manufactures sports balls to provide balls for children, create jobs for adults and promote health education through sport. Established in 2004 Alive & Kicking operates factories in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana, employing over 120 people. More than 400,000 balls have been made, and 50,000 children have been targeted by Alive & Kicking’s HIV/AIDS campaign.