2nd October 2015

Welcome to our new website.  And our new look.

The new logo is simple, strong and clear; the pentagon reflects our roots in using football to address social issues like unemployment and health awareness.

It looks great on all of our balls including the 5 new designs which we have launched in conjunction with the new logo.  The new designs are colourful and playful.  You can buy them and all our other sports balls from our new online shop.  Buy one for yourself, as a gift, or donate one to a community in Africa – or do all three!

The best thing about the new website is you can see it on your mobile device meaning you can easily catch up on the latest news from Kenya, Zambia, Ghana or the UK on the go.  Accessing the web from mobile devices is increasingly popular in Africa: over 50% of mobile phone users in Ghana access the internet; 95% of Facebook log-ins in Kenya are on mobile devices.  Our new site means we are now better able to meet people where they are – both in the UK and increasingly in Africa.

You’ll also find plenty of new stuff on the site – videos from our staff and footage from our health programme work to complement the regular news updates.  Our balls are made to be kicked and we want to see them in action, so take photos, send in video, tell us the story of your ball and we’ll put it up for the world to see!!

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to The Marketing Academy, in particular Tom Probert and his team at British Gas and Campbell Butler and his team at Wolff Olins who provided countless hours of expertise to the project.  It was great for us to have access to such professionals on a pro bono basis.  I think you’ll agree Tom and Cam have done a stellar job for us.

Happy browsing, happy purchasing, and spread the word.


Glenn Cummings