Arsenal in the Community offers a gap programme which involves young coaches from London working on international community projects. We have worked with Arsenal ‘Gappers’ in Ghana and Kenya and have provided balls for Arsenal’s other African programmes. Find out more about Arsenal in the Community

Daryl’s Dragons FC is a junior football club based in Regent’s Park, North London

Founded by Daryl Moore in 2008, DDFC is a fun-driven football club which aims to provide all it’s members with the opportunity to develop not only as footballers but also as individuals.

They believe that using age appropriate and engaging weekly training sessions, enables all players to enjoy playing football whilst being able to socialise, grow in confidence and broaden their technical and tactical understanding of the “beautiful game.”

Together we are ensuring that young people have access to a durable sports ball throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Find out more about Daryl’s Dragons

The Brightside Group PLC raised money to help establish Alive and Kicking Ghana in 2012. CEO Arron Banks even took part in the East Africa Safari Classic Rally; a gruelling nine day drive across East Africa in a classic car and 40 degree heat. Find out more about Brightside

Clarity PR made Alive and Kicking their charity of the year in 2012 and have provided pro-bono PR support through the distribution of press releases and assistance with social media. They raised £1,500 for Alive and Kicking through a Facebook ‘Like’ campaign. Find out more about Clarity

Comic Relief is supporting an initiative from Alive and Kicking Ghana in which entrepreneurs are supplied with footballs and tasked with selling them on for a profit. Their income is then re-invested in micro-enterprises, including the purchase and sale of more Alive and Kicking balls. The entrepreneurs are also given training to help them acquire the skills to make a success of this venture and their other start-up ideas. Find out more about Comic Relief

GAFFER stands for Goalposts And Footballs For East-Africa Region. They have been close partners of ours in Kenya for many years; always using our balls and promoting our work. Find out more about GAFFER

Garfield Weston Foundation has given Alive and Kicking fantastic support over the years. One of the largest charitable foundations in the world, Garfield Weston supports a wide range of charitable activity and state that they look to support organisations that demonstrate ‘quality and excellence with projects that have clear outcomes and benefits, good leadership and sensible business plans.’ We are delighted to have their support throughout 2014-15. Find out more about Garfield Weston Foundation

The Great Football Giveaway quite simply donate footballs to young people across Africa. They have donated thousands of Alive and Kicking footballs over the years. Find out more about The Great Football Giveaway

Alive and Kicking was selected as one of 15 organisations to benefit from the 2014 ICAP Charity Day. Involvement in the day has allowed Alive and Kicking to run substantial health awareness programmes in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana, training community sports coaches in health-educative football drills and donating a large number of balls to children who otherwise would not be able to afford them. Find out more about the ICAP Charity Day

KPMG have provided pro bono services in Kenya in strategy, accounting, tax, risk consulting and governance. Find out more about KPMG

The Marketing Academy develops leadership in young marketing professionals and provides pro bono marketing support for a range of charities. We worked closely with Marketing Academy scholars Tom Probert and Campbell Butler on our 2015 re-brand and website launch. Find out more about The Marketing Academy

MYSA’s Haba na Haba drama education team have assisted Alive and Kicking Kenya roadshows, through health education sessions for young people. MYSA were one of the first ever Sport for Development associations, and are a leader in the field. Find out more about MYSA

Nakumatt have sold our balls in locations across Kenya and have now taken Alive and Kicking across the border to Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, bringing affordable leather balls to people in Kampala, Kigali and Moshi. Find out more about Nakumatt

Puma Energy Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the global energy business Puma Energy. They support charitable organisations in 19 countries around the world, and we are delighted to have their support for Alive and Kicking Ghana. Find out more about Puma Energy Foundation

Syntec Telecom have been supporting Alive and Kicking by paying the monthly telephone bills for our UK office since 2007. This helps the UK office remain in regular contact with staff in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana. Find out more about Syntec

Tackle Africa deliver HIV education through football coaching to young people across Africa. They partner with us on our HIV education programmes in Kenya and Zambia, and have even trained some of our stitchers to become peer educators and football coaches. Find out more about Tackle Africa

The Trafigura Foundation is the charitable arm of global commodities trader Trafigura. The ethos of the Foundation is to have a genuine impact on the projects it supports and it is achieving that with Alive and Kicking. Specifically, the foundation has given its support to Alive and Kicking Zambia and was the major funder of Alive and Kicking Ghana. Find out more about the Trafigura Foundation

European football’s governing body have sponsored 94,000 balls to be distributed to children in Africa and elsewhere and have used our synthetic balls with youth groups in Europe. Find out more about UEFA

UK Sport helped fund the set-up costs of Alive and Kicking’s workshop in Zambia, and continues to support it by purchasing balls for use by its other sport-for-development partners. Find out more about UK Sport

UAM aim to help eradicate malaria using the power of football. They use Alive and Kicking balls branded with malaria messages in their projects. Find out more about United Against Malaria

Without Zambeef Alive and Kicking Zambia may not exist – we stitch balls on their Zamleather site, they provide us with leather and they buy our balls for donation to Zambian children. Find out more about Zambeef

The Zambia Society Trust works to improve the lives of Zambian children and strengthen the ties between the UK and Zambia. Working with Zambia Open Community Schools they donate Alive and Kicking footballs across Zambia every year. Find out more about The Zambia Society Trust

Tissuemed is a UK-based medical technology company with a reputation for innovation dating back over twenty years. They have supported Alive and Kicking with funding to improve sustainable business practices.