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Nimobi Ladies FC

The sun sets on another hot day in Accra, planes taking off from the nearby airport are deafening and dust hangs in the air from the team that just vacated the dirt pitch.  Through the dust stroll the women and girls of Nimobi Ladies FC, one of only a handful of women’s football teams in Accra.  Determined, skillful and dedicated, the only thing the Nimobi Ladies lack is decent equipment.  A couple of durable Alive and Kicking balls may be the difference between the Nimobi Ladies playing at the weekend or not!

To donate balls, first go to the donate page and choose the number of balls you would like to donate

Rolling Rockets Skate Soccer

Rolling Rockets is Ghana’s Skate Soccer Team. Skate soccer is a riveting sport played by physically challenged individuals, mostly polio sufferers, determined not to give up playing the beautiful game of soccer. The game is fairly new, it originated from Nigeria, spread to Ghana and then to other African countries. In this game, polio survivors sit on a slightly larger skateboard and play association football. The ball is controlled by their hands and the rules are very similar to regular association football.
The first international skate soccer match was played under the auspices of the International Federation of Skate Soccer (IFSS) in Ghana between the Rolling Rockets of Ghana and Kano Pillars of Nigeria. The Rolling Rockets won 3:2. The game was played with an Alive And Kicking football.
Almost all the members of the Rolling Rockets and indeed many skate soccer players beg for alms on the streets to survive. The sports is serving as an avenue for them to gain respect and recognition and a means of earning some decent income.
With the formation of the IFSS skate soccer is attracting sponsors. Alive And Kicking supports the Rolling Rockets with footballs and also jobs for those who are willing and able to work with us: your donation will enable us to continue this support.

To donate balls, first go to the donate page and choose the number of balls you would like to donate


Glad's House

Thousands of young people live on the streets of Mombasa, Kenya. For these children life has always been a struggle for survival, often leading to the misuse of alcohol, drugs and a life of crime. Glad’s House’s purpose is to help as many street children & youths as possible so that they can lead a ‘normal life’ and realise their potential. We achieve this in following ways:

  • We try to reunite children with their families using our team of social workers. Alternatively, we place the children with foster families.
  • We place the children in full-time education. We also support higher education for them.
  • We use our sports programmes to engage with the children & youths and provide practical and emotional support.
  • Our enterprise schemes provide training and apprenticeships for young adults.

To donate balls, first go to the donate page and choose the number of balls you would like to donate

Watoko Wasoto

Watoto Wasoka are based in the slums in Kampala.  A great local organisation that is using the power of sport to bring together young people and offer hope to those living in the slums of Kampala.  . Watoto Wasoka offer regular free training to over 60 children, boys and girls and host tournaments and camps welcoming over 1500 children from across the country.

Just like everywhere else in the world, football is amongst the most popular sports played by young and old, rich and poor; Watoto Wasoka    use football as a tool to achieve their goal of creating a network between schools, communities and Street Children.

To donate balls, first go to the donate page and choose the number of balls you would like to donate

Gatoto Integrated Development Programme at Makuru kwa Reuben

Gatoto provides high-quality holistic education at low cost to the children of the Mukuru kwa Reuben slum of Nairobi, Kenya. The school strives to achieve high academic standards and to give the children an opportunity to participate in various co-curricular activities.

GIDP’s core business is to support Gatoto Community Primary School in delivering primary education programmes. Further, GIDP recognizes that to build on the success of the primary school, there is the need to develop the children further through post-primary school and higher education, where possible.

HIV/AIDS education is taught weekly to all children in Standards 1 and above. Furthermore, the school liaises with AIDS Organizations to invite guest speakers for the staff, parents and children throughout the school year.

To donate balls, first go to the donate page and choose the number of balls you would like to donate


Zambia Open Community Schools

Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) is a non-governmental and a non-profit making organisation mandated to complement the Ministry of General Education in the provision of quality education to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), especially the girl child and children with special educational needs (CSEN).

ZOCS supports 524 community schools in 43 districts in all the 10 provinces with an estimated population of 117,000 learners (46, 800 boys and 70,200 girls). The learners are taught by 2,340 volunteer teachers (936 male and 1,404 female) who have committed themselves to ensuring access to education for all children in their communities.

With little money to spare after providing such comprehensive services, donations of sports balls are always appreciated!

To donate balls, first go to the donate page and choose the number of balls you would like to donate

Bauleni United Sports Academy

Bauleni United Sports Academy is a community sports academy in the Bauleni area in Lusaka which focuses on underprivileged young people in Zambia who have been affected by the country’s poor economic, social and cultural growth, as well as its lack of resources and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

The organisation uses recreational and sporting activities, primarily football, to encourage community awareness, social involvement and sustainable development. Bauleni also aims to achieve the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals in the areas of environmental sustainability, domestic abuse prevention and health education. Bauleni has worked in cooperation with local governmental schools to promote and improve their physical education and health programmes.

Donating a quality, durable Alive and Kicking Football will go a long way and be put to excellent use, making a significant impact on the lives of young people


To donate balls, first go to the donate page and choose the number of balls you would like to donate


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Alive and Kicking works with schools, community groups and charitable partners to donate locally-made leather sports balls to children who would otherwise not be able to afford them. Donated balls are stitched at our centres in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana, and our research has shown that an average of 45 children play with each donated ball.

other ways to help


Our balls are hand-stitched in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana. Made from African leather, they are built to last in tough terrain.


Our balls are individually screen-printed by hand, allowing us to use them as educational tools and make customised designs.



Our balls are sold and donated across Africa and around the world. This allows children to play with real balls, often for the first time.


Our health awareness programmes use sport to engage young people with vital information about their health.