Eddie is doing 52 challenges in 52 weeks to create ethical jobs, provide vital health education and give young people the opportunity to play

In 2018 I will be taking on 52 physical challenges in 52 weeks to raise money for Alive and Kicking!!!

Every week I will be doing at least one physical or challenging activity that typically I would not be doing in an ordinary week – I want to push myself to reflect and highlight the challenges that many people face across Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Extremely high unemployment and informal employment.
  • High prevalence of disease such as HIV and malaria.
  • Lack of health education.
  • No access to a proper ball.

Alive and Kicking has a truly innovative and sustainable model that creates ethical employment, improves the health and quality of life of young people facing disadvantage and enables children to exercise their right to play combating some of Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest challenges – with your support A+K can have an even bigger impact…

I would very much appreciate as much support as you can give – whether that is:

  • Financially – Please visit our fundraising page
  • Physically – Please join us on our challenges by emailing eddie.taylor@aliveandkicking.org
  • Emotionally – Send¬†congratulatory warm vibes via the interweb; in person at 147 Hoxton Street; subliminally via our minds or fluidly by buying a bev at the end of one of the challenges! – They all count! (some more than others obviously)

Thank you very much and look forward to seeing you somewhere between 1 and 52 …

Eddie xxx


1. FREEZING DIP - COMPLETED! Jumped in Hampstead ponds with my man Altron on New Years Day! - It was cold.
2. Five Day 50K - Run 10K everyday for five days (January 8 - 12) - COMPLETED! - Big shout out to my man Lele for running with me at an obscene time in the morning.
3. The Swimmer - Half Marathon and freezing cold swims (January 20) - COMPLETED! - It was a lot of fun and also very cold and wet but the crew and the positive vibes warmed you right up!
4. Five Day 50K - Every weekday I will cycle 10km (January 22-28) COMPLETED! Probably the easiest challenge thus far as I did it in the comfort of my gym!
5. Challenge Arsenal - Alive and Kicking FC take on the might Gunners in a 6 aside matach! (February 1)
6. Columbia Road Bleep Test - Compete with Coat & Goalposts FC (February 11)
7. It's a mystery - Let me know your ideas and we can do it together (February 12-18)
8.It's a mystery - Let me know your ideas and we can do it together (February 19-25)
9. The Big Half - A new London half marathon to celebrate cultural diversity (March 4)
10. Walking lunch - 20km rural walk & pub lunch 1 hour outside London (March 10)
11. Zambia challenge - To be confirmed but likely to take place in Lusaka (March 12-17)
12. Ultimate hill climb - Hitting the hills of Crystal Palace with no gears (March 24)

Future challenges to be confirmed. Please contact us with your ideas