Ben is doing 52 challenges in 52 weeks to create ethical jobs, provide vital health education and give young people the opportunity to play

In 2018 I will be taking on 52 physical challenges in 52 weeks to raise money for Alive and Kicking. The organisation has a truly innovative and sustainable model that creates ethical employment, improves the health and quality of life of young people facing disadvantage and enables children to exercise their right to play.

I would really appreciate it if you would like to join me on one or more of the growing list of challenges below and if you have any suggestions please do get in touch. Finally, any donation you are able to make will help us to strengthen our impact across Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and beyond.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you somewhere between 1 and 52 …



1. Complete - FREEZING DIP (January 6)
2. Complete - Five Day 50K (January 8-12)
3. Complete - Half Marathon Swimmer (January 20)
4. Complete - 100 Kicks ups a day in Kenya (January 22-27)
5. Complete - Play an Arsenal select (8 February)
6. Complete - Run up Crystal Palace Hill x 10 (February 11)
7. Complete - 35 km marathon walk (February 25th)
8. Complete - Snow way home 20 km (March 2nd)
9. Complete - The Big half marathon London (March 4)
10. Complete - Crystal Palace hill climb x 10 (March 15)
11. Complete - Sintra Three castle Climb (March 31)
12. Complete - Lisbon 2000 steps (April 2)
13. Colonsay MacPhie Bagging - One day, 22 peaks, 20 miles (April 8)
14. It's a mystery - Let me know your ideas and we can do it together (April 14-20)
15. 20km country walk challenge just outside London (April 21)
16. It's a mystery - Let me know your ideas and we can do it together (April 21-27)
17. Wolf Run - Demanding 10k through hills and valleys in Sussex (April 28)
18. 100 Penalty challenge - 100 consecutive pens from Westwood FC (May 5)
19. Climb Hadrian's Wall - Mountain climb up the famous wall (May 12)
20. Hackney Half - A musical half marathon in Hackney - we have 50 spots (May 20)

Future challenges to be confirmed. Please contact me with your ideas