Ben completed 52 challenges in 52 weeks to create ethical jobs, provide vital health education and give young people the opportunity to play

In 2018 I completed 52 physical challenges in 52 weeks to raise money for Alive and Kicking. The organisation has a truly innovative and sustainable model that creates ethical employment, improves the health and quality of life of young people facing disadvantage and enables children to exercise their right to play.

A huge thank you to everyone who has joined, supported or suggested a challenge and to everyone who has donated, I really do appreciate it. My left knee hasn’t been my friend since May and my right ankle has been bigger than my left for the past four months but it has all been worth it!

You are still able to donate to help us to strengthen our impact across Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and beyond. Check out the challenges below and click donate.

All the best for 2019!



1. Complete - FREEZING DIP (January 6)
2. Complete - Five Day 50K (January 8-12)
3. Complete - Half Marathon Swimmer (January 20)
4. Complete - 100 Kicks ups a day in Kenya (January 22-27)
5. Complete - Play an Arsenal select (8 February)
6. Complete - Run up Crystal Palace Hill x 10 (February 11)
7. Complete - 35 km marathon walk (February 25th)
8. Complete - Snow way home 20 km (March 2nd)
9. Complete - The Big half marathon London (March 4)
10. Complete - Crystal Palace hill climb x 10 (March 15)
11. Complete - Sintra Three castle Climb (March 31)
12. Complete - Lisbon 2000 steps (April 2)
13. Complete - Colonsay MacPhie Bagging - One day, 22 peaks, 20 miles
14. Complete - 10km run and swim in the Western Isles of Scotland
15. Complete - 100 burpees in 15 minutes on the cold fields of Northumberland ...
16. Complete - Eight hours of football bowling in Hackney's Victoria Park
17. Complete - The Hackney Half Marathon with 56 other A+K Runners
18. Complete - Axe Throwing in London with the Mishcon De Reya Team
19. Complete - 12 Hour Football Marathon against 38 other teams
20. Complete - A 30km walk in and around the hills and valleys of the south coast
21. Complete - 3 marathons in 24 hours - Coast to coast along Hadrian's Wall
22. Complete - 500 metre swim in London's classic South London Olympic Pool
23. Complete - A 25 km walk across the Kent countryside in Southern England
24. Complete - 1,000 metre swim in Crystal Palace Park's classic Olympic Pool
25. Complete - Composting of 1,500 vines by hand in the Okanagen, Canada
26. Complete - 10km run through the thick smoke of BC during Forest Fire season
27. Complete - The 35km Circumnavigation of Skaha Lake in a Kayak
28. Complete - 40km mountain bike ride through the Rocky Mountains in Canada
29. Complete - Climb Moose Mountain in Alberta reaching 8,000 feet
30. Complete - Row 14,000 metres on a rowing machine in Bragg Creek
31. Complete - Do a snow angel in the Rocky Mountains at 7,000 feet
32. Complete - Carry an A+K Ball everywhere I go for a week
33. Complete - Climb Ben Nevis, The UKs Highest Point at over 4,000 feet
34. Complete - Run the most beautiful 10k in the UK around Kielder Forest
35. Complete - Rock climb up Peel Crag to the top of Hadrians Wall
36. 60km Commute to work across the windy and rainy roads of South London
37. Complete - Family 5km across world's 8th longest suspension bridge
38. Complete - Giant sand castle building on the East coast
39. Complete - 90 minute pilates session for the first time ever
40. Complete - Climb up Snowden, Wales' highest mountain
41. Complete - Countryside walk with 5 month old Jesse leading the charge
42. Complete - Homemade Hilly Crystal Place Triathlon on a fixie bike
43. Complete - Half Marathon run across Tower Bridge and beyond
44. Complete - Half Marathon run across London with five freezing cold dips
45. Complete - The back end of a Pat Butcher Pantomime Horse for a horse race
46. Complete - 10.5.5 A 10 km run, an hour long five a side game and a 5km run
47. Complete - Downhill ski off a mountain having never skied before
48. Complete - Tube downhill challenge in the Monashe mountains
49. Complete - Mammoth game of ice skating tag having never skated before (I lost!)
50. Cross Country ski challenge having never cross country skied before
51. Cross country snow shoeing in the mountains of British Columbia
52. Ending how I started ... a 'polar bear' dip in sub zero temperatures in BC